Welcome To Scootertography

Hello Friends: this is my first Blog post ever.  I wanted to do a blog that combines two of my passions, scooters and photography.  This blog will document photography revolving around my scooter rides.  It will include photos of scooters but it will not be limited to this subject.  I am hoping to share with you the bikes, the people, the places and adventures  that my scooter brings to me.

I am currently riding a beautiful 1995 Honda Helix, white with a hand painted double helix (DNA) on the back. Go Science! I will upload photos shortly.  I hope that this will have broad appeal from people who love photography and people who love scooters.  For the blog, I will primarily use mobile devices and point and shoot cameras, unless I specify another camera was used. I am a proud Canon user! 

Do you remember cruising around town on $5 to $10 of gas?   My goal is to share with you my renewed love of driving, bringing me back to my late teens.  If you like please bookmark, subscribe and tell some friends. So sit back and enjoy my ride.