Senior Portraits

The Digital Series

Five Packages created for our senior clients! Packages include all session fee, professional editing, and print credit. You will receive retouched proofs to choose your perfect portrait. Hurry to save your exclusive portrait session. Please fill out form at the bottom of this page for a quote. Most of my work is done on location, so I like to say I bring the studio to you!

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Best Value

Valedictorian $555
30 Digital edits on USB
$150 Print Credit



Graduate $150
5  Digital edits on USB


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Print Investments for Packages

16x20 $160
11x14 $70
8x10 $28
(2) 5x7’s $28
(4) 4x5’s $28

(20) Wallets or (40) Mini Wallets $35



Casey's Senior-5122-14.JPG

You are not limited to the options listed here. You may also select from one of our standing portraiture session

College Bound $235
10  Digital edits on USB



Classic Print Portrait Session $270

(1) 11x14
(2) 8x10’s
(4) 5x7’s
(6) 4x5”s
(20) Wallets
Bonus: Additional (20) Wallets



untitled shoot-1315.jpg

 Salutatorian $425
20  Digital edits on USB




Yearbook $100

2  Digital edits on USB


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Print Investments for Non Packages

16x20 $200
11x14 $90
8x10 $42
(2) 5x7’s $42
(4) 4x5’s $42

(20) Wallets or (40) Mini Wallets $50


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