Longest and possibly the last group ride of the season 11/1/15!


With two friends, Saturday we attempted our longest ride of the season. It was a three state ride covering 214 miles. The two ladies and I started the morning at 9:30 in Brunswick, NY.  The forecast was for a 40% chance of rain, we started out in a light mist. We followed NY7 into Vermont. We picked up VT 9 and followed it through heavier rain. I made a stop in Wilmington VT to see how everyone was doing. Although we all thought that we were prepared for the rain and cold, poor Angela's boots and socks were soaking wet. Turned out they were not waterproof! Luckily we had stopped right next to a Family Dollar, Angela was able to buy new thermal socks and a cheap pair of boots. This made her warm and comfortable and we were able to continue on with our ride.  We would joke that we came to Vermont to shop at the Family Dollar.

The first picture is of our little group on the top of Hogback Mountain in Vermont. It has one of the best views in Vermont, in my opinion. We warmed up a little in the quaint gift shop by the fireplace. Looked around the store before we took our group selfie.

We continued on VT 9  for 18 miles. That lead us to our next stop the Vermont Country Deli for lunch. Macaroni and cheese and soups helped warm us up. I added one of my favorite sandwiches that they offer the I91. It is basically an Italian Mix with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I recommend it on the roll! Finally, the rain went away and the sun started to come out.

We took Routes 9 and 5 into New Hampshire. Drove into Keene NH before picking up NH routes 10 and 12 heading back to Vermont. I bailed out on those routes too early, going onto Route 123. It was a longer ride but the views were so spectacular, and made me wonder what this ride would've looked like a few weeks earlier. We were only to be on that route for a short time. Picked up Route 5 back in VT.  

Headed North on Rt. 5, until we picked up VT 103. Gassed up in Rockingham, before heading to our final stop before returning to NY, the Vermont Country Store. Walking into this store is like walking back into time. You can find everything from games and candies from your past, all the way to the products your grandmother used to use to keep her house clean and much more. We took our second picture, our bikes in front of the Kissing Bridge. A covered bridge on the property of the Vermont Country Store.

We headed home taking Routes 103, 11 and 7 before braking off on our ways home. I do have to comment on the beautiful skies that we witnessed as the sun set. As we headed West, each moment seemed like the sky could not get any more beautiful but I realized as time passed, the colors grew more vivid than just a few moments before. In my opinion, this made the whole trip worthwhile, the rain soaked morning was a distant memory as we rolled into this beautiful sunset.