Rumblers' Revolution Ride Planning

Thursday, April 14,2016

We sort of coined the phrase during the ride, I hope it sticks. The A-Town Rumble Scooter Rally (July 8-10, 2016) is planning an epic ride for Saturday July 9th. Our ride will take you along a route from a location where the Patriot Generals planned the Battle of Saratoga, then along the Hudson River to the Saratoga Battlefield.

This is a new ride for the Rumble, one that we believe anyone on 2 or 3 wheels will love!  We welcome motorcycles as well. In fact we a several riders who join us at this event. Besides having fun the main purpose of the event is to raise money for JDRF in their fight to end Type 1 diabetes.

Thanks to John and Scott for planning the ride! We still have a few route details to work out.

Due to my New Years Eve incident I was forced to ride my "4 wheel scooter" the only advantage was, I was not cold. It is still a little chilly for this time of year in Upstate New York. Here is a sneak peak of the beautiful ride. We do not want to give it all away, so only a few to spark your interest!