Smashing end to my riding season!

12/31/15 Town of Greenport, NY

Well as many of you know I was pushing the riding season here in the Northeast way past normal. We pushed the riding season to the last day of the year! On New Year's Eve my normal riding friends were out for a ride to the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. We could see the bridge to our right, when I noticed the bike in front of me was slowing down. I applied my brakes and that was the abrupt end to my season. Parts of this post were replies I made to people on Facebook. They asked great questions

I know that I was driving cautiously, aware of the potential road issues. As soon as I put on the brakes I found my self sliding and rolling on the road. We were going straight, around 30 mph, the surface was dry. All I can think of was that there was some rock salt or sand on the road due to a small storm during the week.

It felt like I was rolling for a long time. I think my ankle was the first thing to hit the pavement. I know that I kept thinking: Don't stick anything out, to stop youself just keep rolling. Next thing while rolling I thought, thank god I thought that Scott's knee pads were a good idea. Also thought, I have a broken ankle, use your other leg to get off the road. When out of the road, how did I go down on a dry road.

OK since inquiring minds want to know. I only saw the bike from across the street, since it was lying in a field across from me. But I could tell that the windshield was broken maybe part of it was gone and the custom slide/crash bars on the left-side of the scooter were mangled and positioned behind the scooter. No one could start it but they might not of been doing it right, foot brake has to be engaged fully to start. With all of the police and fire activity, I was in no mindframe to give instructions on how to start it. I need to go get the bike from the house of the nice firemen whose property, it was left at. He lives just a few doors down the street. The people who were riding with me said it looked bad but fixable.

I am home! I have a non-displaced fracture, I need to see a orthopedic doctor, May need surgery to correct but also may not. Probably, no weight bearing for at least 6 weeks.


I want to thank all the people who assisted me after the accident My riding buddies who would not leave into my family arrived at the hospital.  The professional officers of the Columbia County Sheriff's Department. The Greenport Rescue squad, their outstanding EMS personnel. And the nurses and doctors of the Columbia Memorial Hospital.  My family for their after care. All my friends for their warm wishes!