Two Rides Today

I know this does not sound like much but today I was able to get my wife Kathy on two rides. Although Kathy was first to scootering, she has been slow to embrace speed, no pun intended! Kathy rides a 2013 Honda pcx 150cc. She has had the bike for 16 months and has a little more than 700 miles,  a couple hundred of them were mine before I bought my scooter. 

As we all know breaking speed milestones are scary! I remember the first time that I did 45mph, 55mph and then 65mph, each of these speeds seemed like I was going twice has fast.  It took a while for me to adjust but I kept trying and finally conquered the fear. Don't get me wrong I still respect the speed but the objects that seemed to be coming at me very fast eventually slowed down with practice. 

So back to the rides, we started our first ride around 11AM, we proceeded North on Route 32 to the City of Mechanicsville NY to have lunch, the Ugly Rooster Cafe on North Third Avenue. The route is posted at 45mph, I was proud that Kathy handle the speed very well. On the way home we took a different route, this road occasionally reaches 55mph, although Kathy did not hit the 55, she was able to reach 52mph! Proud of her because for the first time she went over 50mph.

For our second ride we met two friends of ours from the A-Town Rumblers scooter group, Terry and Angela, at Guptill's Ice Cream in Latham NY.  Did I mention that I am not losing to much weight with this group! After we had ice creme, we drove past the Cohoes Falls to the Flieght of Locks in Waterford NY. These series of several locks navigate around the Cohoes Falls on the Mohawk River.   We all chatted before heading our own way home! Looks like we will be heading to Bennington VT on Sunday.