How You Can Help Charities with Philanthropic Photography Services.

We are proud to announce that we are turning our discounts into donations! How would it feel to wake up the day after your wedding knowing that you started your marriage with a donation to help children suffering from chronic illnesses? Or maybe you can get some portraits done while helping another great cause! Spindle City Photography will make a donation to a charities for every new Wedding or Portrait session upon completion. 

Charles Mossey Photography and now Spindle City Studio has supported charities for the past 15 years, 2017 will be no exception! We work with some of the best children's charities that help with chronic illnesses including: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Northeastern NY, Sugar Free Gang and Camp Dartmouth Hitchcock (Arthritis).  We have reaffirmed our commitments to these great organizations for another year.  We are looking for ways to help these great charities more!

Here are the details, we will donate 10% of all creative fees for each new Signature Wedding Collection, and portrait sessions we offer, to the charity of your choice. We hope that you will consider one of the charities we already have a relationship with but that choice is yours. Hope you agree that this is a great way to help charities.  Please join us in helping our community!