Wedding Photography

We are excited to now offer Photography Registries!

We created this program as a way to help our wedding and portraiture (Senior, Engagement, Glamour) clients!  We know that most understand the true value of hiring a professional to capture their once in a lifetime memories! Having your life moments captured is something that you will treasure forever! Charles Mossey Photography understands that for some, luxuries like photography come with financial sacrifices. It can seem overwhelming, but your dreams of having those memories, doesn't have to be out of your reach! Your friends and family are eager to help you out, so why not let them give you something truly meaningful?

Once we've been in contact with you we will send you a link to get started with your registry. Once you 'Request A Listing' and sign up, I will build you a custom listing. You will be able to provide a link, for when people ask you "where you're registered?", Now you can give them another option. You will be able to monitor your gifts as people contribute. You can modify your services without risk! If you are a wedding client you would be responsible for the creative coverage only. Any client can use the gifts as they see fit.

It's completely FREE! What are you waiting for?

Wedding Packages as Simple as 1...2...3!

For people that are familiar with our website, you will notice a big change to our Wedding Packages (Collections.) We have strayed away from the traditional package model. The model that assumes that every couple wants the same packages. Spindle City Studio now offers just two “packages” that guarantees a certain level of services. Now couples can decide on the other products they want to add àla cart. 
Each couple has simply three choices:

  1. One or two photographers
  2. How many hours of coverage do you need? 
  3. Do you want any prints or albums? 

Our Signature Collections offers a photographer and assistant, while our Signature Plus Collections offer two photographers. Every couple can add extras at any time, even after the wedding, at the package prices when they purchase!
So what are the guaranteed services? USB drive containing digital negatives in which you can print up to 8 x 10 at high quality with personal and social media releases, professional retouching of images, online gallery for viewing, and an engagement photo shoot with print credit. 
Both Collections included a choice of 6, 8, 10, or 12 hours of continuous coverage on your wedding day. We highly recommend completing your package with wedding albums. To encourage this, if you purchase a wedding album and a parent’s album you will receive a second parent’s album at no additional cost. We also offer a full selections and large portrait options for your home.

Open Photo Booth: a look inside our event photography business!

Two years ago we started offering an “Open” photo booth to our event service repertoire. Today we will discuss, what is an open style photo booth? How we are different from other competitors. What is the value to you?

An open photo booth is one without a box. It is basically a series of informal mini photo session in which your guest get to use props to create an image that will make them smile whenever they remember your event or wedding. Actually we like to brag that our booth brings instant fun to your events.  It is done in front of a background and allows for more people in the shots. We recommend 1 to 10 people in the photos. Once the group is framed for each session, three or four random images that are transferred to computer for printing.

We are popular for our 4x6 print template which we offer as part of our standard pricing. We can offer you the more traditional 2x6 print if you request. Our competition charges up to $600 for the first two hours for their booths. They use an attendant that troubleshoots "the booths" equipment issues. We have a photographer that uses a digital camera, to produce high quality images. We have developed setting to gave you that photo booth look.

Our photo booth starts at $399 for two hours, each additional hour cost $100/hr. The price include the 4x6 print template, choice of background color, personalized logo and choice of color border for the print, on-site printing, props. photographer, all images on USB Drive, setup and breakdown. The only additional cost is for unlimited on-site printing. With your input, we prepare at least 4 logos from which you choose. You can choose from color, black and white or old fashion. Finally we do offer a photo booth without onsite printing, we simply project the images on a large screen. Then if you choose,  you can print and send them out as part of your thank you note.

This year we are scheduling early because I have a daughter and son graduating this year. One from college and one from high school so we will be having or own parties with photo booth.

How You Can Help Charities with Philanthropic Photography Services.

We are proud to announce that we are turning our discounts into donations! How would it feel to wake up the day after your wedding knowing that you started your marriage with a donation to help children suffering from chronic illnesses? Or maybe you can get some portraits done while helping another great cause! Spindle City Photography will make a donation to a charities for every new Wedding or Portrait session upon completion. 

Charles Mossey Photography and now Spindle City Studio has supported charities for the past 15 years, 2017 will be no exception! We work with some of the best children's charities that help with chronic illnesses including: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Northeastern NY, Sugar Free Gang and Camp Dartmouth Hitchcock (Arthritis).  We have reaffirmed our commitments to these great organizations for another year.  We are looking for ways to help these great charities more!

Here are the details, we will donate 10% of all creative fees for each new Signature Wedding Collection, and portrait sessions we offer, to the charity of your choice. We hope that you will consider one of the charities we already have a relationship with but that choice is yours. Hope you agree that this is a great way to help charities.  Please join us in helping our community!


Part II: My Answers to Common Questions to ask Wedding Photographers

Here are some more questions that The Knot suggested you ask your photographer. I tried to answer the questions here so that you can compare the value that we offer! 

How do you ensure the color quality of my photographs?

Ensuring the color quality of your photographs is a multi-step process. It starts in the camera with a custom white balance of the locations we are shooting at on your wedding day. In addition, we use Professional Canon 1d's, which offer the incredible tone, unlike the consumer DSLRs on the market used by some. Next, we use calibration software each time we are editing images. Ensuring that the screen is accurately representing the output for printing. We completed a color calibration test with our professional lab to ensure that our color calibration is correct.

What style do you specialize in?

We utilize a balance between posed formal portraits and candid photojournalistic images. 

What are the deposit and total fees?

My deposit for my wedding package is $250 to book and hold the date. I then set up payments for the balance, usually in equal payments. The final payment is due two (2) weeks prior to your wedding. In Addition, the first $1250 will be used as a retainer and cancellation fee prior to the wedding date. If you require to change the wedding date, I will do my best to accommodate and no cancellation fee will be charged, as long as the new date is available and within one (1) year of the original event date. Finally, any printed materials are excluded from the payment schedule but require a 50% deposit before ordering and the balance is due upon delivery.

Do you have back up photographers who will shoot the wedding if you were sick? 

I do have working relationships with other photographers, so in most cases, it's likely we will be able to cover your wedding.  If that happens, I will still edit and deliver your images.

How do you coordinate with my videographer? How do you envision working together?

I will call your videographer to discuss a plan on how we can both do our work for you. I have been the videographer before, I see it from both sides and is not that complicated to figure out. I envision that our planning will help us seamlessly achieve the quality results that you are expecting from both of us.

Will you follow a shot list? Or do you preferred to have free reign to capture the festivities how you see fit?

I will follow a shot list during the formal portrait session at your wedding. After that it is my goal to capture the wedding in a way that I see best fit. I will take request from the couple for additional images. But I do ask that you assign one person to be your spokesperson on any additional images. The reason, I really cannot have multiple people pulling me in different directions, this is a recipe for missing important parts of your wedding. 

What type of paper will you use for the prints and albums?

As I stated before we use Kodak Professional Endura premium paper. It has standard archival values of 100 years, if display properly, and 200 years in dark storage. For albums you have a choice of paper, you can use the Endura paper or Classic Felt paper. The felt paper has a luxurious feel and smooth finish. It is acid-free, archival and is a Forest Stewardship Council certified paper. There may be an additional charge depending on the selection of packages.

Any guarantees on the images?

Portraits will lose their brilliance if they are exposed to excessive ultra-violet light. If properly displayed your portraits should last a lifetime. That means you should avoid displaying them opposite large windows or too close to fluorescent lights. If your Portraits are displayed properly and display color change and are returned within one year will replace it free of charge. It the same happens after the first anniversary of your wedding date, will replace it for half the current standard price for that size print.

Do you bring your own lighting? 

Yes, I do bring my own lighting gear. Depending on your wedding needs, I may take a minimalistic approach or use several studio flashes depending on your location and restrictions. I feel that this is a very important question because some people don't have the proper equipment to get the job done. 

What will you wear? 

This mostly depends on what the couple wants for my attire. I try to be flexible and blend in, as long as it looks professional. For most weddings, I dress in a black suit and a black shirt.

My Answers to 10 Common Questions asked to Wedding Photographer.

The following questions came from The Knot, a bridal website. I decided to take 10 of their questions and supply my answers for you. I may do a follow-up blog post, in the future, to answer more of their questions.


Question 1: Are the photos retouched and color balanced? Is that done before I see the proofs?

Yes, all photos I deliver to you as proofs will undergo my basic retouching process. I believe that the practice of delivering unedited images is unprofessional and can do real damage to a photographer's reputations. Also, I shoot Camera Raw, which demands me to process in the "digital darkroom." The basic process includes cropping, color balance, exposure adjustment. Photos you select for portraits undergoes an advanced retouching process.


Question 2: What exactly is included in your package?

I have put together packages (Standard and Signature) that use a menu type pricing system. All of the packages include an engagement shoot with a gift print, 8 hours of wedding coverage, USB drive containing wedding images both High Resolution printable to 8 x 12 and standard resolution, printable to 4 x 6, plus web quality images with personal print release, social media release, professional editing! I have several other add on services like a second photographer, additional wedding coverage, albums, rehearsal, & other coverage, or a photo booth.


Question 3: How many hours of coverage do I get? What is the charge for overtime?

Our Signature and Standard Packages were built around my most popular coverage 8 Hours. Also, I offer custom coverage for weddings when requested. The charge for overtime is $350 per hour, so it is more advantageous to book any extra hours you may need prior to your wedding date at my best rates!


Question 4: Will you be my actual photographer, or will it be one of your associates?

I will be your actual photographer unless something happens out of my control, on your wedding day. If that happens I will do everything, in my power, to find a replacement for you but I will still edit the images and deliver them to you.


Question 5: Will there be a second shooter or any assistance? Is there an additional charge for each?

My Signature Package has an assistant included in the price. My Standard Package does not include an assistant. A second shooter is available for you at an additional charge.


Question 6: How long after the wedding do we get to see the photos?

We do our best to deliver your images within three months of your wedding. We can provide you with a small taste of our favorite Images within 48 hours. Rush delivery is available at an additional charge!


Question 7: How many weddings do you do on a weekend?

We will only shoot a maximum of two weddings for a weekend. Nevermore than one on the same day, if you are a package client. I may schedule two or more for my wedding options which only provide one or two hours of coverage.


Question 8: Have you ever shot at my venue before?

I have shot at various locations and venues. But if I have not shot at your venue, I will contact them before the wedding to do a walk-through to see what my lighting conditions are and to get some light reading for camera settings. The Boy Scout's motto is "Be Prepared," I abide by it when it comes to my business.


Question 9: What are the restrictions for sharing photos online or for publications? Do you own the copyright to these photos?

You will receive a release to post your web quality images to your social media. You may also use an image for the wedding announcement. You have the right to print high-quality digital images for your personal use. I do retain ownership of the copyrights to all photos. You may not alter any image before publishing them, printing or posting them on your social media. I ask that you give me credit for the image where ever they appear.


Question 10: How many weddings have your shot and how many do you do in a year? Also, what's your favorite part of the wedding day and time of year to shoot?

Although we have spent over 15 years doing photography, it has only been the last five years that we have branched into the wedding photography market. Also, my photography business went from part-time to full-time in the middle of 2015. I have shot many weddings, plus numerous black-tie charity gala events. These events have similar demands as weddings. We have averaged around 10 weddings over the last few years but I am looking to increase that number going forward. Having done extensive work with portrait photography, which has given me the much-needed experience to shoot high-quality portraits at weddings. I have also trained in lighting design so I can achieve any looks you require. Finally, I have shot images in some of the most demanding lighting situations, musical theater and the direct sunlight of golf courses.

My favorite part of weddings, if I have to pick one, would be when the couple sees each other for the first time just before the ceremony begins. My favorite time of year to shoot is in the fall, the colors are just amazing for portraits on location! If I may add my favorite time of day to shoot, it is at sunset with wonderful golden colors and a brilliant fiery sky.

This concludes today's Blog post, I hope you found it enlightening. 



10 Boudoir Photography ideas , for the Modest

I know that this genre is not for everyone. I hesitate to discuss it because it may offend some people but many of you are afraid to ask. The topic: Boudoir and Bridal Boudoir Photography. Many people believe that this form of photography is to revealing. Yet it is becoming an increasingly popular gift to give a partner for wedding and anniversary gifts. So I wanted to give you some ideas that are less revealing.

Boudoir comes from a French word meaning a women's dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room. Wikipedia defines boudoir photography as a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, images of its subjects,primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and their romantic partners. They go on to say, it produces images which are not intended to be seen by a wide audience, but rather to remain under the control of the subject. This article is meant to focus on boudoir images for our modest clients. I have 10 ideas for you that will still make you look attractive within your comfort level.

Country girl. Being at many country concerts in the Capital District I know that this is popular attire. A plaid shirt, jean shorts is all you need for this style. But you may also want to bring along cowboy boots and hats to complete your look!

Dress. Any dress will do, especially one that makes you feel fabulous! Some suggestions are, the dress you wore on your first date, last cocktail party or formal event.

The Pin-up. This is in fact, its own genre of photography but it still works to create memorable images. To pull this look off , we recommend a white t-shirt or tank top, shorts, a collared shirt and high heel. Red lipstick and big curls will complete this modest look.

Over-sized sweater: This look is playful, comfortable and yet very modest! One sweater can cover you nicely only exposing your legs for a little kick.

Favorite team jersey. Just does not have to be his favorite team. Maybe you have a favorite team and you feel that he needs a little persuasion on why he should support your team.  Knee high socks and boyshorts puts the exclamation point on this look. Make sure the socks match the jersey.

Tied up white t-shirt. The next several looks allow for some more risk, if one chooses. For this look one could couple it with jeans, shorts, or booty shorts. It is all about how you feel!

Button down sweater or dress shirt. You determine just the right amount of skin to show for this look. Again you can determine what you wear on the bottom!  It is both a classic glamour and casual look. It is a bonus if it is one of his shirts!

Lacy bralette and high waisted shorts. This look maybe a little more risky but nothing more than one would see at the beach.

Pleated babydoll. This romantic look is not just reserved for supermodels.

The Film Noir. Hats, a blazer, shorts and high heel boots all create a glamorous but mysterious look. Of course, it is done in the classic black and white film style.

Anyone can create a wonderful style that meets their comfort level. Most clients say that it is something that they are doing for themselves, I believe that is important.  If you are considering, my advice is to only do what makes you comfortable. It is the only way to guarantee that you will be happy with your images. Most of these ideas can be altered to fit your personality. Please contact me if you would like to collaborate on putting a different spin on any of these ideas.

What are bridal portraits?

Bridals are portrait sessions that are done prior to your wedding day. They focus on the bride, her dress, accessories and other details. Many brides use these sessions as a run through or "dress rehearsal" for their wedding day.  Let's take a look at some of the benefits of having these types of sessions, realize that the most important benefit is stress reduction. 

As I mentioned before, brides tend to use these sessions as their dress rehearsal for their wedding day. I recommend that you do your hair and makeup, the same way, it will look on your wedding day. When you couple that with other details, such as shoes and accessories, you will know exactly how you are going to look on your special day. Brides find this comforting! 

Next, the session takes about 2-3 hours. You will be moving around in your gown for the first time.. Standing, walking, and sitting, all will highlight any adjustments that could be made to make your gown better. We recommend that you have a seamstress at the session for at least part of the time, if possible. They will know if your dress needs any further alterations and can make the exact improvements to your dress.  

The final reason that you will be less stressed, is that you will have the comfort of knowing that you already have some amazingly beautiful portraits.  You have already taken formal portraits and they are out of the way . Guess what! You do not have to think about them on the morning of your wedding, a huge relief. Instead you can take a deep breathe and be ready to capture some great candid images with your bridal party. 

I believe that there are two more reasons why you might want to do a Bridal Portrait Session. During the session, we have the opportunity to shoot at locations that we might not have time for on your wedding day. It gives us more flexibility to change scenery and backgrounds. We can shoot at several locations if you wish. We can arrange for a time of day that gives us beautiful lighting to create awesome memories. The second reason is that you will have some images that you could give as gifts to your family on your wedding day. Finally, the images can be turned into some creative keepsakes to remember your wedding. 

I hope that you will consider this type of shoot, realizing how beneficial they are to the bride! We would love the opportunity to capture your memories. At Spindle City Studio, we promise to treat you like family.