Wedding Tips for Photographers.

The Slanted Lens had put together a video or article, I am not sure which, it was a while ago, on tips for wedding photography. I realized that I was already doing many of them and I adopted some that I thought was a good idea. Many of the tips are best practices for any photographer. I'm sure that most if not all professional photographers use some version of these tips.  

They suggested creating a "mood board" for each wedding. I was using this tip for several years before but I called mine 'inspiration boards."  My use of them is not exclusively weddings, use them for most portrait shoots. I did take their advice and started using Pinterest to help create the boards. I use Pinterest with clients, so we can collaborate ideas with them. A very helpful tool with wedding planning!

Again, the next tip was something that I had been doing for a while. That was to create a timeline for the wedding. Using timelines, helps to keep me focused and on task during a wedding or portrait session. The helpful piece I took, was to take a screenshot of it on your phone to eliminate carrying around paperwork. 

The next tip every photographer needs to do! Scout every location! I scout the location within a few days so that I know what the lighting will be.  I also use an iPhone app called Sun Surveyor for scouting. I can see the Sun's or Moon's location will be on a particular date and time. The data that this apps give you is tremendously helpful with planning!

A tip, I did adopt, was to give poses that will become the framework for the couple on their wedding day.  I work with my couples on those posing during the engagement session. This foundation helps me to effectively communicate to the couple with simple cues we have worked on! I can then spend time refining the pose.  For couples who are not having an engagement session, I provide them with examples of the poses and ask them to practice them.

A few things I do before a wedding. I charge every battery whether or not I think it needs to be. I sync all cameras for time using my iPhone.   

The Slanted Lens also says, on the day of the wedding arrive early. For me, if I am on time, I am late! Finally, before each major moment, I check my camera settings, batteries and memory cards.