To show prices or not to show prices? That is the Question!

There is a fierce debate on whether or not to publish your prices on your website. It is a complicated issue, I tend to go back and forth with, personally. At times, I have published and sometimes I have unpublished my pricing! Let me explain why I have currently chosen to not publish my pricing. 
Some photographers post their pricing as a way to pre-screen clients. In fact one photographer on YouTube flat out says that he does not have the time to deal with people who can’t afford his services. On the other side, others may not be comfortable with their pricing to post online.
Like I mentioned I see value in both posting and not posting my pricing! So why do I not post pricing online?  I don't want potential clients prejudging their ability to afford my services! I believe that photography should be priced in a way to get the job done correctly. I am able to offer each client an individual consultation to discuss their priorities and than customize according to their expectations. Just to be clear, a client will not receive $5000 in services for $1500 but I do guarantee each of them the most value for their investment. I offer services for those who just want to have their ceremony photographed all the way up to the most extravagant wedding experience.  Finally, for me the most important reason is, not all photographers will be right for you. Just because “the price is right” does not mean they are right for you. A photographer that does not take the time to get to know you as a person will be disastrous most of the time. I want to make sure that each couple will enjoy spending their day with me and vise versa!  Let me earn your business by showing you options and plans, I know you will be happy when you do!