Open Photo Booth: a look inside our event photography business!

Two years ago we started offering an “Open” photo booth to our event service repertoire. Today we will discuss, what is an open style photo booth? How we are different from other competitors. What is the value to you?

An open photo booth is one without a box. It is basically a series of informal mini photo session in which your guest get to use props to create an image that will make them smile whenever they remember your event or wedding. Actually we like to brag that our booth brings instant fun to your events.  It is done in front of a background and allows for more people in the shots. We recommend 1 to 10 people in the photos. Once the group is framed for each session, three or four random images that are transferred to computer for printing.

We are popular for our 4x6 print template which we offer as part of our standard pricing. We can offer you the more traditional 2x6 print if you request. Our competition charges up to $600 for the first two hours for their booths. They use an attendant that troubleshoots "the booths" equipment issues. We have a photographer that uses a digital camera, to produce high quality images. We have developed setting to gave you that photo booth look.

Our photo booth starts at $399 for two hours, each additional hour cost $100/hr. The price include the 4x6 print template, choice of background color, personalized logo and choice of color border for the print, on-site printing, props. photographer, all images on USB Drive, setup and breakdown. The only additional cost is for unlimited on-site printing. With your input, we prepare at least 4 logos from which you choose. You can choose from color, black and white or old fashion. Finally we do offer a photo booth without onsite printing, we simply project the images on a large screen. Then if you choose,  you can print and send them out as part of your thank you note.

This year we are scheduling early because I have a daughter and son graduating this year. One from college and one from high school so we will be having or own parties with photo booth.