Congrats Rachel & Dave

Last night  I met with a wonderful couple, Rachel and Dave, who will be married in August 2017. I had a meeting before, both meeting were at one of my favorite meeting spots. There was an hour wait between the end of the first meeting and the start of the second. I was sitting there, totally prepared and not having much to do, so I started thinking about my thoughts on meeting with potential new clients. 

The thoughts revolved mostly around how it feels for me. Each time I meet with people for photography, it is much like a first date. I know that they are meeting me, so they like my work. But just like a first date, photographing people is about developing the relationship with them so you put them at ease. Since photographing, in particular,  a weddings is a very intimate experience for the two individuals. Making a great first impression is very important. I have to remember that I may be photographing people who particularly may not like to be photographed! They need to feel comfortable with me. 

I learned that Rachel was referred to me, so I am sure that some of the uncertainty that a couple feels was lessen for them. As they were ready to sign the contract and make a deposit, Rachael said to Dave, "it seems like it is getting real now!" So I'm sure that they were experiencing similar feeling as me before our meeting. 

I love doing weddings and meeting couple like Rachel and Dave because being part of their special day is truly an honor for me. The whole process is a wonderful journey. In many ways, my camera and I have a front row seat to witness the start of their marriage. We would like to congratulate them and welcome them, like family.