Event Services Deposit


Event Services Deposit


For all events and weddings under $2000.

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For wedding collections and packages, a deposit of $250 is due immediately to book and hold the date of your event.  Thereafter, the remaining balance is due in four (5) equal payments, with the final balance due prior to the delivery of your wedding images. This fee is refundable up to three (3) days after the contact is signed by the clients. The first $1250 will serve as our retainer and cancellation fee. All sales are final as of the date of your wedding.

For all other wedding & event services a event retainer of $150. is due immediately to book and hold the date of your event and also serves as a cancellation fee. The remaining balance is due before the wedding  date. All sales are final the date of your wedding.

For all portraits, the sitting fee $15 per person is the retainer, is required to book and hold the date for your session and serves as a cancellation fee. However, the fee can be credited towards a future session. The remaining balance is due before the session date.

PAYMENT: All retainer fees must be paid immediately and session and other packages (plus taxes) can be paid via money order, certified check, cash, Visa, MasterCard or AMEX. If agreed to by Spindle City Photography by Charles Mossey Photography, for client to pay by check, all checks must first clear and any uncleared check will have an additional charge of $35 to cover bank fees plus whatever balance is due must be paid by cash or money order immediately. Please note, check must clear prior to reserving and booking a session date.

CANCELLATION POLICY: For regular sessions, client forfeits their session retainer, paid to book the session date will act as a cancellation fee. The fee can be credited towards a future session if the client reschedules the appointment by calling or emailing 24 hours prior to the date of session and re-booking at an agreeable date and time.

For weddings and events, if for any reason the client cancels before the wedding date, the Photographer will keep the the event retainer fee of $1250 as a cancellation fee. Cancellation must be received in writing, or by email (mosseyphotography@gmail.com) 24 hours prior to your wedding date, in order for you not to be charged the full amount of the wedding.  However, if the client requires to change the wedding date, I will do my best to accommodate and no cancellation fee will be charged as long as the new date is available and within one (1) year of the original event date. Otherwise the new date will be subject to current rates if applicable. If I am not available for the new date, the original contract will be cancelled and subject to the cancellation policy.

If Spindle City Studio by Charles Mossey Photography cannot perform this Contract due to fire or other casualty, strike, act of God, or other cause beyond the control of the parties, or due to Photographer’s illness or emergency, then the Photographer shall return the retainer and other fee collected to the Client but shall have no further liability with respect to the Contract. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera or other media malfunction, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of the Photographer. In the event Spindle City Studio by Charles Mossey Photography fails to perform for any other reason, Spindle City Studio by Charles Mossey Photography shall not be liable for any amount in excess of all monies paid.

You are responsible for any and all permits, licenses and approvals needed for Spindle City Studio by Charles Mossey Photography to photograph and perform photography services, if applicable, at any location. The photographer(s) are not responsible for lighting restrictions imposed at any of the venues chosen for your event, whether known or unknown by you prior to your wedding day. We will make every professional effort to maximize the quality of image given the environment in any location that you have chosen, but we are not liable for circumstances outside of our control.